As the body succumbs to pain and dis-ease from genetics, injury, or trauma it is ever more
Movement manipulates and re-integrates the tissue and nervous system to release, realign
and balance the whole body, thus relieving pain, reducing compensations and enabling a
more authentic expression. Certified Rolfing is the premium Structural Integration and pain
management office in Fort Worth-Texas providing therapy resources for Orthopedic,
Chiropractic, Physical, Psycho, and Massage Therapist. Specializing in assessing and
addressing fascial restrictions associated with Scoliosis, Sciatica, TMJ, Fascitis, Fibromyalgia,
CTS, RLS and common aches and pains in the legs, hips, back, neck, shoulder, and hands.

Usually postural issues or chronic pain in the foot, leg, knee, hip, back, neck or head leads
an individual to a bone specialist like an Orthopedic or even a Chiropractic Doctor. When a
bone is manipulated towards alignment, usually it will quickly recede back to its prior position
because the bone is just part of an asymmetrical pattern that is encased in connective tissue
or fascia that permeates the whole structure. The connective tissue that suspends and
isolates each bone is distributed throughout the body, so the pain you have in one part of the
body can feel associated with pain in another part of the body. Certified Rolfing and Rolf
Movement assesses the individual’s whole structural and functional pattern in an attempt to
bring the whole body towards a less painful structural potential.

Certified Rolfing de-rotates each segment of tissue in the body, the tissue between joints,
rotating one
section, and then de-rotating the next to bring the body towards resolution of the
counter rotated
segments. These counter rotated segments are theorized to be the agents of
most of our unexplainable discomfort and pain. Some specialist will say that there is a need to
operate or subscribe medication to resolve or mask the pain and in some cases that is true,
but the Certified Rolfing 10 Series ezieshould always be the primary attempt at resolving
these structural issues. Physical and massage therapy is great in some rehabilitative
settings, but is a vain attempt at organizing the soft tissue segments in the body that predict,
balance, alignment, and symmetry. The science associated with the techniques utilized in
body organization is only available through the Rolf Institute and its highly knowledgeable

When assessing and addressing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome the connective tissue of the
carpal, metacarpal, radius, and ulna are de-rotated and the reclamation of space allows our
body geometry to resource towards a structural ideal and in most cases a pain reduction
from easing the compressed segments. Like wise, frozen shoulder can be addressed in much
the same way by addressing the respective segments in the X, Y, and Z coordinates in the
connective tissue structures. If pain is caused by Scoliosis or even “common” neck and back
pain the segments involved can be de-rotated towards a hip,back neck,shoulder arm pain.
Carpal tunnel syndrome,CST,TMJ, sciatica. Fascitis fibromyalgia and frozen shoulder,
Scoliosis,cerebral palsy. Treatment and treating health.Rolf Institute of structural integration,
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John Barton, Certified Rolfer & Rolfing Fort Worth, Texas-
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Biocoherence is solid state Advanced Rolfing as an integrative expression of structure and function in
the human body. As the body  succumbs to pain and dis-ease from every day life, genetics, injury, or
trauma it is ever more obvious that space and organization in the body are necessary. Biocoherence
facilitates and re-integrates the fascia matrix and primary system's  to release, realign and balance
the whole body, thus relieving pain, reducing compensations and enabling a more authentic
expression. John Barton has continued Dr. Rolf's' profound Inquiry into how to enhance the whole
person in gravity. Specializing in assessing and addressing soft tissue restrictions that resemble
asymmetrical patterns associated with Scoliosis, Sciatica,TMJ, Fascitis, Fibromyalgia, & Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome. Some of the more important developments of the work since Dr. Rolf's' death are also
what now distinguishes Biocoherence from all other forms of therapeutic approaches to Structural
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