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Certified Advanced Rolfing

What is Advanced Rolfing?

Rolfing is the service mark for graduates of the DIRI in Boulder, Co, the founding school of Structural Integration or SI, started by Ida P. Rolf. Structural Integration is the broad term for this genre of bodywork. Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth, also known as Advanced Structural Integration, is a specialized certification of manual therapy that is awarded to skilled Rolfer’s using methods that exceed the knowledge of standard Certified Rolfers.  Although standard Certified Rolfers can help their clients, the main goal of Advanced Rolfing is to optimize the body’s structure and movement patterns by addressing imbalances caused by habitual postural and movement patterns, injury, or trauma with proprietary life altering strategies.

A person is stretching their leg while another person kneels down.

The Benefits of Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth

A man with his back turned and the spine highlighted in red.

Enhanced Structural Integration

By targeting specific kinds of motion restrictions and imbalances, Advanced Rolfing can facilitate a more comprehensive approach to structural integration. The advanced techniques employed by Advanced Certified Rolfers allow them to address complex issues and achieve more profound results, helping clients experience a greater sense of balance, freedom, and ease in their bodies.

A person holding their arm up to the side of his body.

Improved Movement and Flexibility

Through Advanced Rolfing, clients gain a deeper understanding of their body's movement patterns and how to optimize them. By releasing tension and restriction in the connective tissues, Advanced Rolfing helps improve flexibility, range of motion, and overall movement efficiency. Clients often report feeling lighter, more agile, and capable of moving with greater purpose & ease.

A man is getting his leg examined by an osteopath.

Support for Athletes and Performers

Advanced Rolfing is particularly beneficial for children, geriatrics, sedentary people, athletes, dancers, musicians, and other performers who rely on or are in need of optimal body function and movement. By improving alignment, coordination, and efficiency, Advanced Rolfing sessions can help enhance movement, performance, prevent injuries, and support faster recovery.

Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth Dallas

In the world of structural integration and manual therapy, Advanced Rolfing techniques play a pivotal role in unlocking the power of structural alignment. As a Certified Advanced Rolfer with decades of full-time practice in the field, a focus on advanced training can enhance skills and elevate a practice to new heights. In fact, Advanced Rolfing has influenced every single form of bodywork and medically informed touch since the 1930’s. In this section, we will explore the components of a successful practice I’ve achieved in the field of Advanced Rolfing.

1. Rolf Movement Integration: 

Rolf Movement Integration is a specialized approach within Rolfing that focuses on movement education. It delves deeper into understanding how structural alignment affects a person’s overall movement patterns and daily activities & visa-versa. By incorporating specific kinds of motion restriction strategies and addressing them through specific movements and exercises, Rolf Movement Integration helps clients achieve greater ease of movement and improved body awareness. Its the equivalent of a software reboot.

2. Advanced Rolfing in Private Practice: 

Certified Advanced Rolfers have established private practices because Advanced Rolfing training can be a game-changer. It equips a more comprehensive approach to structural integration, enabling a wide range of physical issues present to be addressed. With advanced techniques, you’ll be better enabled to obtain optimal Advanced Rolfing sessions tailored to your unique needs, leading to more profound and lasting results.

3. Advanced Rolfing Certification Program: 

The pursuit of Advanced Rolfing techniques involves didactic knowledge and proficient execution in advanced certification programs. These programs, offered by the renowned Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, provide advanced coursework and training to experienced Rolfers. They delve into topics like advanced bodywork techniques, exploration of the viscera, endocannabinoid and nervous systems, cranial  understanding the subtle distinctions of the connective tissue. Completing an advanced certification program demonstrates your commitment to professional growth and your clients’ well-being.

4. Continuing Education Credits: 

You understand the importance of working with an Advanced Rolfer who stays up-to-date with the latest developments and techniques in the field. Acquiring continuing education is not only mandatory but also a valuable opportunity to expand advancing knowledge and skills. Advanced Rolfing training offers elective and specific mandatory Continuing Education (CE) credits that are considered the highest and gold standard in the wellness field. I have personally achieved over 5000+ hours in various training over the past 26 years.

A person with a leg cast is being lifted by someone.

What Our Clients are Talking About Us?

  • 01 What is Advanced Rolfing?

  • 02 How does Advanced Rolfing differ from traditional Rolfing?

    Advanced Rolfing builds upon the principles of traditional Rolfing but involves more specialized techniques, trainings, strategies, and a deeper level of understanding of the body's fascial system. Advanced Rolfing enables the practitioner to develop proprietary knowledge from a prolonged private practice and a more skillful touch.

  • 03 What are the benefits of Advanced Rolfing?

    Advanced Rolfing offers benefits such as pain relief, improved posture, increased mobility, reduced stress, increased body image/body schema, and enhanced emotional well-being.

  • 04 How many sessions of Advanced Rolfing are typically needed?

    The number of sessions can vary, but a standard series often includes ten sessions. However, the specific plan is tailored to individual needs. Post 10 series sessions are also dependent on each persons scenario.

  • 05 Is Advanced Rolfing suitable for everyone?

    Yes, Advanced Rolfing can benefit people of all ages and physical conditions. It's especially helpful for those seeking holistic healing and structural balance. Dr. Rolf was famous for offering free children's clinics on weekends to share the gospel of Advanced Rolfing.

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