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A sharp pain or a relentless chronic issue associated with tightness is how most of the clients I help feel when I first meet with them. Maybe one shoulder is higher than the other, or it feels like one leg is longer. The back is tight and hurts or uneven hips hurt or each foot does something different. Maybe the shoulder is restricted or frozen, it could be a persistent tennis elbow or a wrist that chronically hurts. You’ve been to a massage therapist, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, maybe even a specialist or an Orthopedic and still no resolution.  These are all nuances of asymmetry or imbalance that are connected to the pain or discomfort felt in and throughout the body because the balance or structural homeostasis has been compromised by injury, trauma, genetics, etc. Asymmetries in the fascia can be de-rotated so you need an Advanced Rolfer.  Why?


The human body is primarily connective tissue and fluid, in nature and form.

When the fasica shape shifts the structure all of the contents are also shape shifted; The bones, muscles, nerves, organs, everything. Remove everything inside of you except fascia, remove the skin on the outside, and you will see a translucent body stocking from head to toe on the outside and a circuitous complex honeycomb on the inside awash with interstitial fluid. This liquid crystalline matrix is a piezoelectric body stocking that continuously regulates structural homeostasis and is responsible for holding everything in its place. Injuries, accidents, and disease disrupt homeostasis, compromising the feeling of wellness by shape shifting the form leading to imbalance, pain, and dis-ease and the intelligence of the human body brought you here seeking relief and resolution. Resolution begins with the first appointment and significant improvement can be felt in just one session. 
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A Certified Advanced Rolfer™ Is Best

John Barton

** The only Advanced Rolfer in Fort Worth. John Barton MBA has over 27 years of working with structure and function in education, fitness, health, and wellness accumulating over 5000+ hours of training in living art, movement & manual therapies. As an educator, movement and manual artist I understand the relationship of structure and function well and my passion is creating resolution by resolving systemic chronic pain and expanding potentials with manual therapy and awareness through movement. There is no substitute for resolution.

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Advanced Rolfing™ - A Health Science Process Initiative

After Ida P. Rolf graduated from the Columbia University - College of Physicians and Surgeons she embarked on an exploration through biochemistry at the Rockefeller Institute.  A problem solver and systems thinker at heart she was deeply compelled to pursue the knowledge of Osteopathy and its shortcomings in terms of presenting itself as an approach to the whole person, which was completely foreign to healthcare in the 1940's. In a similar vein most conventional approaches to healthcare today fall short of the whole person model and simply continue in the same broken paradigm of bits and pieces. Dr. Rolf instead pioneered a Health Science Process for whole person wellness.

Over the course of 4 decades she developed this biological systems approach to assessing and addressing structural and functional anomalies. Dr. Rolf created an enduring legacy and applied the same problem solving skills she used in the laboratory to develop her approach to whole person healthcare in the form of Advanced Rolfing™ Structural Integration. As a graduate student with Doctoral studies while attending the Health Sciences College - AT Still University, I too am naturally curious about the biology systems approach to her pioneering research into the human condition. 

  • 01 Lower Back

  • 02 Mid Back

    The mid-back, also known as the thoracic region, plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It connects the upper body to the lower back and serves as a pivot point for many movements. When issues arise in this area, it can lead to discomfort, restricted mobility, and even chronic pain. This is where Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth steps in as a remarkable solution to address mid-back concerns and bring about lasting relief and balance.

  • 03 Shoulders

    Shoulder pain is a common affliction that can significantly impact one's quality of life. Whether it's caused by injury, poor posture, or overuse, the discomfort and limited mobility it brings can be frustrating. In such cases, seeking relief through Certified Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth can be a game-changer. In this article, we will explore how Advanced Rolfing can effectively address shoulder issues and help individuals regain pain-free mobility.

  • 04 Head & Neck

    Our head and neck are vital areas of the body that play a crucial role in our daily lives, from holding up our heads to facilitating communication and expression. However, due to stress, poor posture, or injuries, these areas can often hold tension and discomfort. Advanced Rolfing offers a unique and effective solution for addressing these issues and promoting greater well-being in the head and neck region.

To Provide Exceptional Advanced Rolfing™ Services

A Leader in Advanced Rolfing™ Fort Worth Dallas

John Barton MBA | Advanced Rolfing Ft Worth Dallas | Fort Worths only Advanced Rolfer & Rolf Movement Practitioner. Experience a Lifted Quality of Life. Corrective therapist since 1997 specializing in whole-person wellness. Over 2000+ 10 Series completeAdvanced Rolfing Dallas Ft Worth is the best option. Whether you are searching Rolfing Fort Worth or Rolfing Dallas look no further. Synonymous with holistic well-being and physical transformation, this revolutionary bodywork technique is taking the Metroplex by storm, offering unparalleled benefits for those who crave lasting relief from pain and discomfort. Join many other locals who are expanding their potential and enjoying the benefits of Advanced Rolfing™. The time is now to unlock the key to a healthier, more vibrant you.

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Advanced Rolfing™ Testimonials

What Clients are Saying About Advanced Rolfing™

23:35 22 Nov 22
I've been going to John for a few years now and always feel like a new person after getting worked on. I recently had a shoulder issue that had been really becoming a problem with daily activities and working out. Went back in and after two visits It was like I never had anything wrong with it. Highly Recommend!
Carmen DeeCarmen Dee
00:34 18 Oct 22
John helped me with pain from a herniated disc in my lower back. Typically, that takes about a month to heal, but I felt better after treatment and back to normal the next day.
Maria LaraMaria Lara
23:32 19 Aug 22
Excellent atention
Hayden StringerHayden Stringer
22:07 22 Sep 21
John Barton is a friendly, competent rolfer who asks a lot of questions to make sure he knows exactly what you need. He works well with your pain tolerance while still making it effective enough you feel a difference as soon as you stand up. Rolfing is a body therapy that's different from massage therapy in a more sophisticated way. John is a good practitioner to see if you are in pain or want to move differently.
sandra metzgersandra metzger
15:48 26 Jan 21
This was my first experience with Rolfing. I had shoulder surgery 19 weeks prior and was experiencing limitation in my range of movement on that shoulder. After one visit with John, I gained a significant increase in mobility in my shoulder. John was friendly, attentive, and thorough with an excellent ability to locate the areas of tightness that were restricting my movement and release them. I honestly was amazed. I am so glad I went to see him and if I didn’t live out of state I would sign up for more visits with him. Thank you John for your help !
George S.George S.
17:20 22 Nov 20
John Barton immensely improved some issues, with my neck and upper back, from just the first session. Prior, I had seen several massage therapists with very little outcome. To my surprise, my feet feel more planted to the ground and breathe much easier. I would recommend anyone, with muscle or joint issues, to see John Barton to experience what just one Rolfing session can do.
Christina AshtonChristina Ashton
11:51 15 Nov 18
John is skilled and talented at Rolfing.He did more to reduce my chronic hip pain in one session than so many other types of treatments combined! Subsequent sessions are proving to promote the shift toward consistent pain-free movement and full body range of motion with ease. He runs his schedule on time, is warm and professional, & is a likeable individual. Excellent service and value- go see him!
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